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Hiromasa Art Labo

Art Fashion Photography Master Class.

World-renowned photographer Hiromasa Sasaki, who has worked in New York and Paris, launched "Hiromasa Art Labo" as an institution to train photographers and artists who will be active in the world.

Creative Produce

create something cool.

Music, Film, VR/AR, UI/UX, Graphic, Animation

NFT Gallery

The biggest 360°VR NFT gallery in the world.

Event Produce

Connecting people through art

Elegant People Studio

A moment in your life, forever.
One-of-a-kind, top-quality portraits.

Eternity coalesces in the life of a moment.
Photography is the art of capturing and expressing that eternal moment.

It's not just about executive photography.
We want to capture the best moment of a person.
We will work together to create a work of art that will last forever.

Business Development

We support new business development, including product development and sales channel development.


Business Development
Business alliance development
Business roadmap creation
Product / MD direction
Store / Space Direction


Market Research /Consulting

Business Strategy
Purpose Design
Organization Design
Brand Management


Brand Architect

​Research / Brand Strategy
Brand concept / naming
BI / CI Design
CX Design
Inner Branding


Fashion / Beauty / etc...


​Media Produce

We can support to create community media

Web Media



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